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The Harris Products Group
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Superior Results with Harris Products

The Harris Products Group is one of the world leading manufacturers of metalworking products used in the soldering, cutting, welding, brazing, and gas distribution industries. The company’s main purpose is to maintain the health and safety of its customers, be environmentally safe, as well as produce the highest-quality equipment in its niche. This is achieved by having all of their products inspected for their quality, performance, and consistency, making sure each of the machines they sell is 100% functional and will only deliver top quality results.

It all started in 1899 when John Harris discovered the oxy-acetylene method of cutting while he was doing research. This led to many exhibitions and expansions of the initial company, up until The Harris Products Group was founded. Currently, the brand has ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities all over the world: Ohio, Georgia, Mason, Gainesville (USA), Dzierzonow (Poland), and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

What does Harris offer?

  • Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment
  • Industrial and Specialty Gas Regulation Equipment
  • Gas Distribution Systems
  • Brazing and Soldering Alloys
  • Welding Alloys

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Sample Products

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Video Archive

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