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Where There’s Pipe, There’s Mathey

Since the year 1930, Mathey Dearman has been the world’s most reliable authority on preparing pipe to join them together by welding and giving their customers the most appropriate solutions for fitting pipe in any orientation.

Mathey Dearman caters to all your piping needs, whether you are looking for pipe beveling machines, pipe alignment equipment, or pipe fitting tools. They offer a large selection of high-quality, designed to improve the way welders and pipefitters cut, bevel, align, and reform pipe for welding. They also offer measuring and layout tools, gauges, and inspection devices.

What can Mathey Dearman provide you with?

  • Pipe Flame Cutting & Beveling – Manual Saddle Machines, Motorized Saddle Machines, CNC Saddle Machines, Manual Chain Machines, Motorized Chain Machines, Clamps, and others
  • Aligning & Reforming – Universal Chain Clamps, Double Chain Clamps, Mini-Fit Chain Clamps, Rim Clamps, Mega Rim Clamps, Ratchet Chain Clamps, Pipe Wraps, and more
  • Pipe Rigging Equipment – Slings and Cradles, Beam Clamps, Pipeline Launchers
  • Fit-Up Pro Tools – Torpedo Level, Pocket Level, Welders Gauges, Hydraulic Flange Spreader, PDQ Quick-Fit Clamps, FABs, Framing Square, Pipe Wraps, Centering Heads, Radius Markers

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