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B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools
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The Pipe Fabricators Source

Are you in need of pipe equipment?

B&B Pipe & Industrial Tools LLC is the most reliable place to purchase all kinds of pipe fabrication and handling tools. Their high-quality products are destined to help ease pipe fabricators’ work by increasing productivity and efficiency while maintaining very competitive prices. All of their equipment and tools are manufactured in the USA, Europe, and Asia and are created to withstand massive work loads with longevity.

The company was started 20 years ago by producing and selling V-Head Pipe Jacks along the gulf coast, which quickly turned into the brand being one of the most important and popular pipe equipment sources in Texas and Louisiana. Nowadays, B&B Pipe & Industrial Tools sell its products anywhere in the world and has become a very trusted pipe equipment brand.

What do they offer?

  • Pipe Jacks & Stands - Helps lift and hold pipes at safe working heights
  • Purge Equipment - Removes oxygen from the inside of pipe and replaces it with gas
  • Pipe Rigging Equipment – Safely and easily aids in pipe handling of all diameters
  • Mega Pipe Jacks and Rollers – Heavy-duty jacks and stands
  • Pipe Handling – Innovative stackable pipe and conduit carts

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Sample Products

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Video Archive

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