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Cutting Edge Industrial is the exclusive Canadian dealer for Chemtane2

Do you need a high-performance cutting fuel gas?

Chemtane Energy LLC is an international company that exclusively supplies the chemical industry with Chemtane 2: The Next Generation Cutting Fuel Gas. Chemtane 2 makes an exceptional product thanks to its very high BTU/cubic foot value, low cost, and a well-structured flame that is perfect for cutting any thickness of pipe or plate along with any heating applications. Being aware of these proprieties, many workers use this gas to heat treat, cut, flame harden, braze, metalize, and many other applications.

The company has been founded in 1985 in Texas and has devoted years to developing, promoting, and refining the blending of its chemicals. Chemtane Energy owns trademark rights for the marketing names of Chemtane 2. Chemtane 2 has been proven to be more environmentally friendly and safer than acetylene or any other cutting fuel gas.

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