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United Abrasives / SAIT
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Looking for Safe and Long-Lasting Abrasives Made in the USA?

United Abrasives is a highly-trusted American manufacturer of industrial-grade abrasives and accessories. They produce a full line of bonded abrasives from grinding wheels, cutting wheels, cup wheels, cones, plugs, and a variety of other products. United Abrasives only use premium gains for the production of their abrasives, making them very durable and performant. On top of that, their abrasives are also safe and come with fast shipping anywhere in the USA and Canada.

The company was founded in 1970 and has always worked with an Italian corporation named SAIT which was established in 1953. Their strong relationship has led to a large number of new and innovative abrasives being added to the United Abrasives’ product line. Nowadays, the company is a leader in the abrasives industry, thanks to their dedication to its core values and the effort they have constantly put into the development of any item they offer.

What types of abrasives do they sell?

  • Grinding Wheels – Remove more stock with less wear
  • Cutting Wheels – Long-lasting and efficient cuts than any other wheels
  • Non-Woven – Belts, hand pads, flap wheels, and blending discs
  • Wire Brushes & Carbide Burs – Great for various applications and grinding, shaping, deburring, and weld bead removal
  • Coated Abrasives – Durable and efficient, made with premium materials
  • Other Accessories – Brush adaptors, backing pads, center nuts, and mandrels

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Sample Products

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