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The Standard in TIG Welding

Looking for the best TIG torches on the market?

CK Worldwide is the producer of the highest quality TIG torches and accessories in the industry. Their products will benefit any TIG welder since they guarantee efficient production and the highest quality equipment and consumables. One of the reasons why CK Worldwide has become so popular lately is because they provide their customers with the best customer service through demonstrations, technical information about the products, sales support, and much more. Every mistake is an opportunity to grow and learn.

The company was founded in 1967 by Art Kleppen in Auburn, Washington, his main goal; to increase knowledge and quality in TIG welding and educate welders. Initially, he brought high-performance materials to the TIG welding torch, resulting in better protection from current leakage, longer-lasting torch heads, and better designs. Now, CK Worldwide is one of the most prestigious TIG torches manufacturers and has been declared “THE STANDARD IN TIG WELDING.”

CK Worldwide provides:

  • Torches – StandardTig, MasterTig, UltraTig, Machine Series, Airco
  • Gas Saver Kits – Standard, 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series
  • Torch Accessories & Parts – Consumables, Cable Connectors, Accessory Kits, Magnetic Torch Holder, Trailing Shields, Wedge Collets
  • Remote Amperage Control – Linear, Wheel, Rotary, Steady-Grip
  • Connectors – Power Cable Adapters, DINSE, DINSE M, TWECO, Leather/Velcro Hose Covers, Extension Kits, Quick Disconnects
  • Cables & Hoses – Super-Flex Cables, Tri-Flex Cables, Vinyl Cables, Rubber Hose
  • TIG Machine – MT200 TIG Welding System and MT375 TIG Welding System
  • Tungsten – non-consumable Electrodes and the turbo sharp tungsten grinder, TS-10
  • Cold Wire Feeder – WF5

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Sample Products

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