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The AXXAIR Group

AXXAIR designs, manufactures and distributes its orbital tube working machines ever since the company's foundation in 1997. Our business focuses on the global tube working process: orbital cutting, beveling, squaring and welding. With now over twenty years of experience under its belt, the group has become an international reference on the market of tube processing.

What do they offer?

  • Orbital cutting - Ideal for the preparation of tubes and pipes before welding. A straight cut, without deformation and with a good surface.
  • Squaring machines - Perform facing and edge breaking without burrs. They can be used for tubes with wall thicknesses below 3 mm.
  • Orbital beveling - Scalable in cutting and orbital welding. The bevel is done in a single rotation of the motor around the tube or pipe.
  • Orbital welding - Feature a device for tracking the out-of-roundness of tubes and are available with either an air- or a water-cooling system

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