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Stepped Wedge & Gauge
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Experience the Fastest and Most Accurate Gapping Tool

Stepped Wedge & Gauge is an industry standard gapping tool designed for the fabrication of pipe spools and pipe fitting solutions. The company has created an international industry-standard measurement tool that is destined to help welders, inspectors, and pipefitters from all over the world get their work done more efficiently and quicker than ever. The Stepped Wedge & Gauge is made from stainless steel that is tempered to increase its durability and hardness, providing a very reliable tool even for the most industrious welding situations.

The company has shaken up the traditional methods of ensuring the proper gap between sections of pipe, such as using the standard wedge, a spacing ring, or a gap rod, by creating this revolutionary measuring tool. The Stepped Wedge & Gauge helps all pipefitters and welders with all piping projects by ensuring high accuracy and efficiency. The tool has a knife-edge at one end and it is designed to match industry-standard electrode thicknesses for gap spacing for whatever your weld spec calls for.

Three sizes of Stepped Wedge & Gauge are available

  • Pipe Liner – Beefy gapping tool for heavy wall and large bore pipe to increase or decrease the gap by hammering or prying
  • Standard – Very durable and versatile wedge that can be used on all diameters and any fit-up
  • Stubby – Handy tool for limited access and small bore pipes

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Sample Products

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Pipe Liner (1-3/4″ x 8″)

This beefy gapping tool is for heavy wall and large bore pipe for use by pipe-fitters and welders to increase/decrease the gap by hammering or prying until it’s just right…Tack It!

Standard (1-1/4″ x 6″)

This versatile wedge can be used on all diameters and for any fit-up imaginable, vertical or horizontal. You will lose it before you ever break it!

Stubby (3/4″x 4″)

This is a favourite gapping tool in fabrication shops and is handy for limited access fit-ups and for use on small bore pipe. The hole can be used to clip the wedge to your tool belt or to extract it in an emergency if it becomes stuck.

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