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How Manufacturers Can Improve Their Productivity Using a Xiris Weld Camera

It’s essential that operators who control and adjust automatic welding processes see all the elements of the environment around a weld. These processes can present a problem for operators. An automatic welding environment is often too congested or too dangerous to have operators directly monitor the weld process while under operation (think scaffolding on the side of a pressure vessel, or small pinch points around a robotic welding station).

How can you, as a fabricator, have your operators properly monitor the welding process remotely?

The effective solution is to use a camera, but not just any type of camera. What you need is a weld camera that can see the very bright light source of a weld arc, as well as the neighboring dark areas of the background such as the parent material, melt pool and torch tip. So, how can a weld camera help your business?

The eight points below establish a clear link between the overall goals of quality, safety and productivity and the benefits of a weld camera:

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Better Monitoring
  3. Reduced Setup Time
  4. Run-Time Productivity
  5. Operational Productivity
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Real-Time Verification
  8. Video Recording

Video Archive


Aluminium - Tractor Weld - Trailing View
300 to 400A - Weave - Cap Pass - Leading View - 30mm FOV
300 to 400A - Weave - Root Pass - V Bevel - Trailing view - 15mm FOV


Aluminium - Manual Wire Feed - 3 views
115Amp Manual - Educational Recording
Carbon Steel - Deep Narrow Groove at various stages of passes (1) - Leading View - Color


Corner Joint - Carbon Steel Coupon - Education (Color)
Stainless Steel - Lap Joint - Root Pass - 6 Inch Coupon - Vertical Up - Colour
Bead on Flat Steel Plate - Trailing - Smoke

Sub Arc

Sub Arc Welding
Sub Arc Weld
Sub Arc Root Pass