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Steel Fabrication Solutions

Steelmax is a popular North American brand that is currently being sold through industrial and welding supply distributors in many parts of the world at very affordable prices. Their main goal is to be the best provider of steel fabrication solutions and share them with their customers, increasing productivity in the workplace. Steelmax continuously innovates their cutting and welding technologies to remain the leader in this industry.

The company was founded in 2003 and offered the highest quality metal cutting saws and magnetic drilling machines. Since 2010 the company has expanded its product line with many more welding automation solutions.

What products does Steelmax offer?

  • Cutting & Welding Automation – Lightweight welding and cutting carriages that ensure precise, high-quality results, and reduced costs
  • Beveling Solutions – Extensive line of manually and automatically operated beveling machines for plate and pipe
  • Hole Making – The best mag drills in the industry along with ATEX certified magnetic drills and hydraulic punches for quick results
  • Metal Cutting – Industry-leading metal cutting saws to increase productivity and performance
  • Lifting Magnets – Very powerful compact, self-contained lifting magnets

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Sample Products

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Video Archive

ABM1218-FR Double-Sided Plate/Pipe Beveling Machine by Steelmax
ABM 28 Auto Feed Beveler Demo
ABM 50 Double sided beveling machine
Arc Runner Portable & Programmable Welding Carriage
BM7 Beveling & Radius Edge Milling Machine
BM16 Portable Beveling Machine
D1 Auto Feed Mag Drill
BM21 SS Potable Beveling Machine for Stainless Steel
BM21 Portable Beveling Machine
D1 Magnetic Drilling Machine
D1AIR Pneumatic Drill
D1PRO & D2X Drill
ECO RUNNER Trackless Welding Carriage
Li'l Runner Portable Fillet Welding Carriage
PB10 Pipe Beveling Machine (Pneumatic or Electric)
Portable Hydraulic Punch Machines
Rail Runner Welding Carriage with Oscillation
Rail Runner II Modular Welding Carriage
S14, 14" Metal Cutting Saw
S14 14″ Metal Cutting Saw with Cast Iron Base
S9 9" Metal Cutting Saw
SBM 500 Stationary Beveling Machine
ShapeRunner Portable 2-Axis CNC Cutting System
Torch Runner Track Cutting Machine