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The Power of Innovation

In need of effective weld cleaning machines and products?

Cougartron is the highest-rated innovator and manufacturer of world-class stainless-steel surface treatment and passivation solutions in the world. The company’s mission is to offer safe, efficient, and fast surface treatment technologies. Their products are designed to clean welds easily while avoiding chemicals that are dangerous for both the environment and humans. Cougartron delivers TIG and MIG cleaning machines and products to save you and your workers time and money.

The company has started as a small family business whose main goal was to improve the metalworking industry with its effective and safe cleaning products. Many sleepless nights spent working have led this small business to become one of the leading suppliers of electrochemical weld cleaning and polishing equipment. Cougartron’s core values are innovation, excellence, honesty, and customer focus, and they live by them.

What products does Cougartron offer?

  • Weld Cleaning Machines & Machine Accessories – Removal of discoloration, heat tints, and oxides on stainless steel surfaces
  • Weld Cleaning Brushes & Brush Accessories – Removal of tarnish, oxidation, and burn marks from stainless steel welds with minimal effort
  • Weld Cleaning Fluids & Fluid Accessories – Low-risk fluids that are well-suited for your everyday protection
  • Marking Machines & Spares – Lightweight marking/etching machines for stainless steel, mild steel, copper, zinc, brass, aluminum, and titanium
  • Marking Fluids – Clear and precise, low-risk
  • Etching Sets & Spares – Turn your weld cleaning system into a powerful etching machine
  • Etching Stencils & Printers – Easily printed, ideal for onsite and offsite application
  • Weld Purging – Create a perfect seal during back purging.

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